Month: December 2012

Christmas joy

Have a blessed Christmas.
May the joy of The Lord follows you every single day.



Our First Staycation

I’ve never really comprehended the notion of a staycation. It seemed pretty silly to pay an exorbitant amount and experience the same sights that you’ve seen forever. Plus all the packing and unpacking is so unnecessary.

Recently we had to do a staycation. I used had because I really would have preferred to head overseas, even if was just across the straits, but nothing was available and the airfares were bordering on ridiculous. And we had these timeshare points that needed to be utilised before the end of the year so in the end, a staycation it was decided. Even then, we didn’t have much choice in terms of the hotels or dates, until someone cancelled his/her reservation which worked out pretty well for us.

We had an fantastic time.

Excellent service and I’ve never seen the kids so enthusiastic for their baths. If they could soak in the tub all day and have all their meals there (or the swimming pool), I believe they would gladly do that. We walked around while D kept urging me to head back to the hotel. Chanced upon quirky little shops. Acting like tourists.

Christmas tree

And sitting in the dark while enjoying the view in silence? Absolute gold.

Night view

I could do this all over again.

Gift Giving

I’ve been pondering about gift giving for a while and I’m thankful that with a close group of friends, we’ve adopted a method of drawing lots for whom you’re going to buy a present for instead of the whole jing gang. While I enjoy shopping for gifts, it helps that I can concentrate on buying a well-thought out present rather than simply buying to fulfill the numbers and obligations.

Which brings me to Christmas presents for the kids.

I had initially wanted to just get them a present each because I seriously think D has way too much toys but I came across a splendid idea – the 3-Gift Christmas. Some add on books for a 4-Gift Christmas but I think I’ll stick to three this year.

In a gist, the three gifts will symbolise what the wise men bought for Baby Jesus. I obviously have no problem with the gold since I have a vocal child. Myrh should be easy-peasy too. Now is to think what to get for frankincense.

I am also contemplating getting him to give one of his Christmas present away to a Children’s Home. I’ve broached the subject with him before, only to be met with protest and a question – “Mum, why are you always like that?”. I can only hope that despite his protests, he will be able to understand the purpose (in the future) rather than feeling upset about one toy set which he will not even remember a few months down the road.

Advent Adventures 2012: Snow in the Tropics

Since we are counting down to Christmas, I thought I’ll bring the kids to see the next thing closest to snow in this weather – Tanglin Mall’s annual snowfall.

I’ve been meaning to bring D for the past year or so but the thought of the aftermath plus the crowd are always a turn-off. This year with two kids in tow, I thought I should be more enthusiastic and provide superb memories for their childhood reminiscence.

And then I realized that the event was going to end the very next day. And we had caroling in the morning. Followed by lunch at home. Followed by a birthday party. But I was determined to make it this year.

We did. We missed the earlier part of the show but we did catch the snowfall.


And how did the kids take to it?

D eyed the whole thing suspiciously and had a perpetual frown. I think hauling him from his nap in the car played a part. He shook his head adamantly when I asked if he wanted to play. All he asked was 2 questions – “Is it going to be long?” and “How is everyone going to clean up later?”. I asked V too but she shook her head, and continued to dip her hand into the bag of chips.

And there my plans went up in a poof.

Now I can’t wait to see how excited they’ll be when we trudge down Orchard Road to look at the lights.

Advent Adventures 2012: The Calendar

So how was my progress with the calendar?

After having my fill of viewing Advent calendars, I looked at the clock and decided that simple will be the way to go. Afterall, I needed to get to sleep before I behave like a zombified mummy the next day, and that wouldn’t be the best start to December.

I thus present to you, my Advent calendar.


I simply took 12 envelopes, cut them into half. Find some fanciful Christmassy fonts and typed out 1-24. Added the square clues from Truth in the Tinsel and I just happened to have a snowman container which was just apt.

Inside each envelope, I put it in the craft that we were supposed to do for that day. On some special days (wholly according to my whims and fancies), I added some special activities which I am hoping will signify the start of our own special Christmas traditions. I took references from Oh Happy Day, Skip to my LouCode Name Mama and Lasso the Moon. Lasso the Moon had printable activity cards which really helped.

I really want D to understand the significance of giving and sharing, especially during this festive season (and hopefully, that understanding will carry way beyond the Christmas period), and know it’s not just about presents and toys.