Advent Adventures 2012: Snow in the Tropics

Since we are counting down to Christmas, I thought I’ll bring the kids to see the next thing closest to snow in this weather – Tanglin Mall’s annual snowfall.

I’ve been meaning to bring D for the past year or so but the thought of the aftermath plus the crowd are always a turn-off. This year with two kids in tow, I thought I should be more enthusiastic and provide superb memories for their childhood reminiscence.

And then I realized that the event was going to end the very next day. And we had caroling in the morning. Followed by lunch at home. Followed by a birthday party. But I was determined to make it this year.

We did. We missed the earlier part of the show but we did catch the snowfall.


And how did the kids take to it?

D eyed the whole thing suspiciously and had a perpetual frown. I think hauling him from his nap in the car played a part. He shook his head adamantly when I asked if he wanted to play. All he asked was 2 questions – “Is it going to be long?” and “How is everyone going to clean up later?”. I asked V too but she shook her head, and continued to dip her hand into the bag of chips.

And there my plans went up in a poof.

Now I can’t wait to see how excited they’ll be when we trudge down Orchard Road to look at the lights.


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