Month: January 2013

Random Midnight Thoughts

So here I am, staring at the computer in the wee hours of the morning.

I’m ABSOLUTELY exhausted and yet, I feel obliged to sit here. It’s been a long day. Getting lost. Tempers flared. Endless whining (thankfully it was only from one particular source). Angry phone call. My eyes hurt from the lack of sleep. My mind is light headed. And yet, I rather sit here. Desperately thinking of random things that I thought of during the day that I can read more on.

The quiet of the night, alone, is simply too precious to let go.



Lego Unit – Junior Edition

D loves Lego. And I do too (but I am only adept at following the instructions and creating the pieces as dictated in the manual). D, however, as all young children can, create wonderful pieces based solely on his imagination.

So I had to download the junior version of the Lego Unit from Walking By the Way. I had it in my computer for the longest time before I finally dug it out for use during the school holiday. I wasn’t very sure if he would be interested in it but we had fun.

20130102-124306.jpg20130102-124315.jpgI think he had the most fun playing the mini figurines game. And it entertained us for quite a while actually.

If you have a child who likes Lego, go download it now. I think I’ll be downloading the older version for D soon.


Brand New Year of Playing

Well, at least I hope to do so. But then again, I’m not doing too well in holding on to resolutions and plans as evidenced by my Advent Adventures. This year fared worst than last year as you might have guessed by the radio silence. But oh well, there’s always 2013 to work towards.

My new year resolutions hardly changed from the previous years. You would think that it might give me a hint but I’m highly optimistic in this case. Or rather severely delusional.

Anyway, here’s wishing everyone a brilliant new year ahead!