Bone Marrow

I’m sure by now, most would have been aware of Karen Cheng’s call for bone marrow donors. Especially if you are ethnically Chinese.

She wrote about her donation process and if you’re in Singapore, it’s even less complicated than that. In fact it’s so simple that it’s somewhat anti-climatic.

The Bone Marrow Donor Programme has 3 locations where you can sign up to be a donor:
1. BMDP @ Kingly Building
2. Blood Donation Centre @ National University of Singapore
3. SGH Haematology Centre


I went in, told them I wanted to sign up as a bone marrow donor, given a form to fill together with long cotton buds for the buccal swap aka inner cheek swap. One minute on each side and everything’s done.

I think the son was waiting for some fireworks because he was somewhat disbelieving it was over.

The thought that I might actually be able to save another, just by taking this first step, is indeed humbling.


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