Much Passion with No Fruit

It seemed a great idea at that particular instance.

So many of them.


Blocks of cream cheese sitting in the freezer, waiting to meet the blender.

And so I decided to make passionfruit cheesecake.

Made it in the evening and popped it in the fridge.

Next day, I realized with disappointment that it was errr, sludgy. Perhaps I didn’t add enough gelatin. Added more and popped it in again. And of course, it didn’t help much.


I like to think of it as biscuit with passionfruit sauce. Even the ever supportive husband took a bite, squirmed with sourness and gave it a miss. I don’t blame him at all. I think I should have dumped a gallon of sugar to counter the sourness. Maybe juices from nine passionfruits were a little too much?

As you might have guessed, I threw the whole thing away.


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