The Move

So we’ve finally settled in and made the place more of a home than a house. Which is just a nicer way of saying it’s way messier now.

The kids seemed to be enjoying it this far although there are certainly drawbacks. For one thing, libraries are non-existent here. The only Library that I know is the pub a few minutes drive away. So are parks. Where we were once able to simply take the public transport or even walk to the nearest park, we are now somewhat stranded. I constantly berate myself for not acquiring that driving license eons back. The only walking we’ve done thus far is to the supermarket nearby and to the roadside to grab a cab.

The upside is bright though. Our money goes a longer mile here and the freedom is something that cannot be bought. I’m only going marginally crazy everyday so that’s good too. Our homeschooling journey is starting off pretty slowly but hopefully it’ll pick up by next year after the our next big happening.


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