The Announcement

And so, some might have already heard, we had an addition to the family about three weeks back. Some were surprised, especially friends and acquaintances whom we haven’t caught up in person. Some have asked why didn’t I announce it? Frankly, it’s a little difficult to jump onto Facebook and announce I’m expecting when I have friends who had recent miscarriages or have been trying to have a child for a while.

Anyway, with the experience of pre-epidural pain, I wisely gauged my timing and had a smooth labour and delivery.


Now the question in everyone’s head is how am I going to manage everything and everyone? Honestly? I have absolutely no idea. I am the quintessential P which according to Myers, I prefer to keep decision open. In my world, it means putting off major decisions and planning to the last available minute.

But I’ve been trying.

These past weeks, I’ve been sitting down, cracking my head over meal planning and the homeschool timetable but each time, it’s to no avail. All I end up is a bunch of impractical recipes that are simply drool-worthy just thinking about them, but hugely impractical with the three of them clamouring for attention.

So what am I trying to say? I’m not too sure too. I just put everyone to bed and it just seemed a waste going to sleep. And I wanted to test out my new photo app. And that’s probably the reason why this post is deteriorating into nonsensical rambles. And therefore, I think it’s best to say adieus for now.


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