Month: January 2014


The first month is almost over and it feels like time is, once again, zooming past.

In that 30 days, I’ve received news of a death and a pregnancy. I’ve learnt of a gambling habit that was so well-hidden that no one knew about it till recently. I’ve felt hope at a possible job offer for the husband. I’ve encountered intense frustration at the children and thereafter at myself. I’ve already broken my resolutions of a yell and spank-free year (I’ve therefore adjusted it to a more manageable yell and spank less year. I’m sure the kiddos will still be appreciative of that). I discovered the destructive nature of diseases and pondered at my own decision if I was in that pair of shoes. I’ve spent time with a good friend and missed others.

So I remember to be thankful.
For past experiences.
And to look forward to new ones.
To live in the moment.
And not through social media (oh the irony).
And like what I always tell the son, to do my best.

The picture above is credited to the baby whose smile was rather hard to resist despite the unearthly hours. And this post happened because I’m wide awake while the culprit has gone back to sleep.