Almost Cheated

I almost got cheated but thanks to Google and people who were willing to share their experiences online, I didn’t.

I had wanted to get my hands on a Hongmi especially after reading its reviews. Ordering directly from the store was impossible since the phone was sold out within minutes and besides, I seem to only hear of the launch after it’s over. Thus, when I chanced upon authentic Hong Kong export sets, I decided to grab it.

I’m sure we all know what was the outcome.

The dreadful thing was that if I had not chanced upon some dubious feedback, I could have been conned. When I went down to the store to demand for a refund, I didn’t even have to raise my voice or bang tables for it. It must be such a common occurrence for them!

When I asked them about the authenticity of the phone, they claimed it was their supplier which sent the wrong batch, and yet they continued to sell them, taking a chance that the consumers would not be tech-savvy enough to know better.

And so I’m posting this in case anyone happened to google about Hongmi or Xiaomi or even the shop.

Please avoid buying your Hongmi/Redmi/Red Rice from this shop:
18 Jalan Masjid
Kembangan Plaza

If you have a Hongmi and you suspect it might be a fake, you can do these:

1. Check if the IMEI and serial number on the phone tallies with the box.
2. Look under Settings and check that your serial number is not some dodgy 123456789ABCDE.
3. Download CPU-Z from the Play Store and check the specifications of the phone, such as screen resolution, internal memory.

There are other methods such as going to the Xiaomi site or the recovery screen but the above should work well enough to assess the phone you have at hand.


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