Month: August 2014

Till we meet again


It’s been more than a month since she left.

Passing by certain places always trigger memories of her.
Shaw Centre.
The Ship.
That R&R stop.
That particular scent.

She was a hair stylist and a very successful one. Her brother was regaling us with tales of how he, as a shampoo boy, was washing hair for hours straight because the customers just did not stop flowing. There were queues outside her salon everyday.

She used to cut my hair until I thought it caused undue stress on her. Then I got stressed getting my hair cut by others because she’ll be viewing it through the eyes of a hairstylist. Because of her, I believe that salon brand shampoos are better. And I never colour my hair (plus I’m too lazy to keep coverng up the greys).

She helped so many people, friends and family, along the way. She always gave generously of her resource and herself. Others before self might have been her guiding philosophy.

I’m thankful that while others have to deal with a mother-in-law issue, mine welcomed me with open arms.

I’m thankful because if it wasn’t for her tenacity and sacrifice, the husband might not have been born. She went through a baby’s death and several miscarriages before the husband was conceived. And even then, she had to be on bed rest for 6 months, just to keep him safe.


I’m thankful that she is with Jesus now because then I know this is not end but we will meet again.