Month: April 2016

Simplifying Things

This is the 3rd year that D is being homeschooled. While I would love to say that we are learning so many things together or that he is currently versed in 5 languages while tackling Math Olympiad problems and researching on how to solve the world’s poverty and water issues, that would definitely be stretching the truth. On some days I’m just glad to have survived without tearing all my hair out and losing my voice.

At the beginning of each year, there is always one thing that I do – plan. While I’m not a Type A, I do love to plan because I see the benefits of planning. Out then comes the pretty planners, bright highlighters and different coloured pens. Oh, I have such ambitious plans each year for our homeschooling. We would be travelling the world through the vivid narration of historical stories or learning about science in a most interesting manner. My children would be sitting at my feet quietly while I regale with classical stories. We would giggle and laugh while the children plan menus and cook their heart out while I do the laundry.

You get the idea?

And each year, I get disheartened before the year is up because truth be told, I am awful in implementation. I try so hard to follow the plans that nothing gets done in the end. Even this year, I made the same mistake all over again. I had 5 different curriculum planned for language arts while trying to bring in 5 new activities all at the same time. Even after barely squeezing them all in the daily schedule, I somehow still felt confident that we would be able to soar while having V along for the ride.

This post is written because I’ve just done my quarterly review and I’ve decided to simplify. Plan small so that we’ll at least be able to accomplish that much. Take time to breath and enjoy each other. Concentrate on character building rather than finishing the next worksheet. Strengthening our relationships. Just love each other.

Wish us all the best!