Advent Adventures 2012: The Calendar

So how was my progress with the calendar?

After having my fill of viewing Advent calendars, I looked at the clock and decided that simple will be the way to go. Afterall, I needed to get to sleep before I behave like a zombified mummy the next day, and that wouldn’t be the best start to December.

I thus present to you, my Advent calendar.


I simply took 12 envelopes, cut them into half. Find some fanciful Christmassy fonts and typed out 1-24. Added the square clues from Truth in the Tinsel and I just happened to have a snowman container which was just apt.

Inside each envelope, I put it in the craft that we were supposed to do for that day. On some special days (wholly according to my whims and fancies), I added some special activities which I am hoping will signify the start of our own special Christmas traditions. I took references from Oh Happy Day, Skip to my LouCode Name Mama and Lasso the Moon. Lasso the Moon had printable activity cards which really helped.

I really want D to understand the significance of giving and sharing, especially during this festive season (and hopefully, that understanding will carry way beyond the Christmas period), and know it’s not just about presents and toys.


Advent Adventures 2012

I actually have not heard of Advent till recent years when it kept popping up in the blogs that I subscribed to. I thought it sounded like a fun way to usher in Christmas so I bought Truth in the Tinsel as a guide. We lasted all of 3 days. As you might guess, consistency is not exactly my strength. Anyway, I decided to pick it up again this year. We might actually get halfway through this time.

On a side note, how pretty are all the Advent calendars craft on Pinterest. I wish I can post up a picture of my Advent calendar but I haven’t gotten round to it yet. And tomorrow is the 1 December when we’re supposed to start. All I know in my head is that ours is going to be a really simple one simply because of space (okay, and time) constraint. I have to keep reminding myself that aesthetics should play second fiddle to the activities and meaning behind it all. But I do wish I can have the space to make some pretty ones.

Like these.

Fresh and Fun

Metal Tins Advent Calendar by Fresh and Fun

Lorajean's Magazine

Origami Advent Calendar by Lorajean’s Magazine

Infarrantly Creative

Dollar Store Advent Calendar by Infarrantly Creative


DIY Printable Advent Calendar by Makoodle

Martha Stewart

Baby Sock Advent Calendar by Martha Stewart


Silhouette Advent Project by DomestiFluff

I foresee a long night ahead.