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The Bond Datuk Seri

No. We didn’t see her nor did we expected to. Just wanted a different title than Our Ipoh Trip.

I think this is probably the second time that I’ve travelled up to Ipoh for the Lunar New Year.


Considering that we’ve been married for eight years, this trip is way overdue. I had mistakenly assumed that we wouldn’t hit much of a traffic jam but I hadn’t count on the nosy drivers who felt compelled to slow down to a crawl just to gawk at traffic accidents.

photo-2Ipoh is really beautiful with its scenic mountains and sumptuous food. We only managed a meal of ngah choi kai since most were closed in preparation of the celebrations. But we were wonderfully stuffed with homecooked food like Hakka meat balls and 梅菜扣肉. Felt so much like a turkey.

photo-3The kids loved the space and new friends. We were thankful for a great time catching up with relatives and friends.


The friends had also generously extended an invitation for us to stay with them when it became clear that it was too late for us to head home. And I’m thankful for the opportunity to share and laugh together. And of course to take in the calming scenic view.

photo-8photo-6The kids were so knackered from the swim that it took them little trouble to sleep. Makes me think I should do this everyday to save myself some trouble.

We also discovered a cafe in our hotel. A rather quaint little cafe.

photo-7But they were so severely understaffed that it’s not even funny. We had cancelled our orders and walked out when it was apparent the orders were going to take insanely long but I couldn’t stop thinking about the Carrot Cheese cake so we dropped by again. The staff or owner was profusely apologetic and though the cake was good (but not mind-blowing), I love its atmosphere more.

photo-9I think it’s safe to say that we enjoyed our trip tremendously, except for the traffic and food jams which gave us the opportunity to admire the vividness of its blue skies.


Our First Staycation

I’ve never really comprehended the notion of a staycation. It seemed pretty silly to pay an exorbitant amount and experience the same sights that you’ve seen forever. Plus all the packing and unpacking is so unnecessary.

Recently we had to do a staycation. I used had because I really would have preferred to head overseas, even if was just across the straits, but nothing was available and the airfares were bordering on ridiculous. And we had these timeshare points that needed to be utilised before the end of the year so in the end, a staycation it was decided. Even then, we didn’t have much choice in terms of the hotels or dates, until someone cancelled his/her reservation which worked out pretty well for us.

We had an fantastic time.

Excellent service and I’ve never seen the kids so enthusiastic for their baths. If they could soak in the tub all day and have all their meals there (or the swimming pool), I believe they would gladly do that. We walked around while D kept urging me to head back to the hotel. Chanced upon quirky little shops. Acting like tourists.

Christmas tree

And sitting in the dark while enjoying the view in silence? Absolute gold.

Night view

I could do this all over again.

Advent Adventures 2012: Snow in the Tropics

Since we are counting down to Christmas, I thought I’ll bring the kids to see the next thing closest to snow in this weather – Tanglin Mall’s annual snowfall.

I’ve been meaning to bring D for the past year or so but the thought of the aftermath plus the crowd are always a turn-off. This year with two kids in tow, I thought I should be more enthusiastic and provide superb memories for their childhood reminiscence.

And then I realized that the event was going to end the very next day. And we had caroling in the morning. Followed by lunch at home. Followed by a birthday party. But I was determined to make it this year.

We did. We missed the earlier part of the show but we did catch the snowfall.


And how did the kids take to it?

D eyed the whole thing suspiciously and had a perpetual frown. I think hauling him from his nap in the car played a part. He shook his head adamantly when I asked if he wanted to play. All he asked was 2 questions – “Is it going to be long?” and “How is everyone going to clean up later?”. I asked V too but she shook her head, and continued to dip her hand into the bag of chips.

And there my plans went up in a poof.

Now I can’t wait to see how excited they’ll be when we trudge down Orchard Road to look at the lights.