You’re turning three tomorrow.

May you continue to dance and sing like there’s no tomorrow;
shining like a star on your own stage.

May you continue to shower your love and kisses to your brother and little sister,
and receive likewise from them and favour from others around you.

May you continue to use that amazing memory and mind to dazzle and outwit us,
although I might really regret this a few years from now.

May you continue to have blissful and joyous smiles,
all throughout your life.

May you continue to eat your crabs and prawns, and everything else,
without worrying about anything or anyone.
It’s really heartening for a mother.

You are an incredibly special girl and
may you never forget that.

Words cannot express how much we love you.

Blessed birthday.



photoYou know the age-old cliches? Times passed by in a flash. It seemed like yesterday…

Well, it doesn’t exactly feel like yesterday but maybe the day before yesterday.

And she’s two now.

Melts our hearts with her smiles and giggles.
Twirl the father around her finger (twice for insurance).
Amazes us with the things she says, do and want.
Makes us laugh with her antics.
Obliges us with the sweetest kisses and hugs.
And most of all, makes us insanely proud that she’s ours to love and hold.