Twenty Seventeen

Just two months back, a friend was asking about our long-term plans – whether we were intending to move back to the little red dot or continue staying in its northern neighbour. I vividly remember saying that I don’t see ourselves moving back in the next 4 years.

Fast forward a month and suddenly it seems that our plans have changed drastically.

The reality of moving back is slowly sinking in, and along with it, the stress and worry of how the eldest will cope with the syllabus (especially the one language that seems to plague most Singaporean children). Unfortunately, he dreads the language and asking him to read aloud or do his 听写 is probably akin to tearing out his hair, strand by strand. The sighs and huffs that follow the instruction given will make a politician proud. You would have thought he was stressing over some major political issue that will have repercussions over the entire world.

Thankfully, the second child is dealing with it much better so that’s the silver lining.

I’m now thinking of how best to help him move forward since he is so far behind without him hating the language even more (if that’s even remotely possible). The popular tuition centres will probably require him to take classes at a lower standard or even multiple lessons in a bid to catch up. And I’m still trying to get over how exorbitant one-on-one tuition is over here and to reframe my mind from thinking in ringgit.

In the meantime, we’ll be doing some major catch-up and hoping we don’t exasperate each other too much in the process because I remembered there was a reason why I outsourced Chinese.