Gift Giving

I’ve been pondering about gift giving for a while and I’m thankful that with a close group of friends, we’ve adopted a method of drawing lots for whom you’re going to buy a present for instead of the whole jing gang. While I enjoy shopping for gifts, it helps that I can concentrate on buying a well-thought out present rather than simply buying to fulfill the numbers and obligations.

Which brings me to Christmas presents for the kids.

I had initially wanted to just get them a present each because I seriously think D has way too much toys but I came across a splendid idea – the 3-Gift Christmas. Some add on books for a 4-Gift Christmas but I think I’ll stick to three this year.

In a gist, the three gifts will symbolise what the wise men bought for Baby Jesus. I obviously have no problem with the gold since I have a vocal child. Myrh should be easy-peasy too. Now is to think what to get for frankincense.

I am also contemplating getting him to give one of his Christmas present away to a Children’s Home. I’ve broached the subject with him before, only to be met with protest and a question – “Mum, why are you always like that?”. I can only hope that despite his protests, he will be able to understand the purpose (in the future) rather than feeling upset about one toy set which he will not even remember a few months down the road.