Our First Staycation

I’ve never really comprehended the notion of a staycation. It seemed pretty silly to pay an exorbitant amount and experience the same sights that you’ve seen forever. Plus all the packing and unpacking is so unnecessary.

Recently we had to do a staycation. I used had because I really would have preferred to head overseas, even if was just across the straits, but nothing was available and the airfares were bordering on ridiculous. And we had these timeshare points that needed to be utilised before the end of the year so in the end, a staycation it was decided. Even then, we didn’t have much choice in terms of the hotels or dates, until someone cancelled his/her reservation which worked out pretty well for us.

We had an fantastic time.

Excellent service and I’ve never seen the kids so enthusiastic for their baths. If they could soak in the tub all day and have all their meals there (or the swimming pool), I believe they would gladly do that. We walked around while D kept urging me to head back to the hotel. Chanced upon quirky little shops. Acting like tourists.

Christmas tree

And sitting in the dark while enjoying the view in silence? Absolute gold.

Night view

I could do this all over again.